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2 Dogs Dead, 1 Injured After Deadly Coyote Attack

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91231 2 dogs dead 1 injured after deadly coyote attack

2 Dogs Dead, 1 Injured After Deadly Coyote Attack

2 Dogs Dead, 1 Injured After Deadly Coyote Attack

Residents in Connecticut are in shock following a fatal coyote attack on three puppies, resulting in two deaths and one serious injury.

The Attack

Early this morning, three small puppies were playing together in their yard when a coyote attacked from behind, killing two and wounding another. The well-meaning owners spotted the coyote running away and quickly rushed the injured puppy to the vet for emergency treatment. Unfortunately, the other two puppies did not survive.

How to Prevent Coyote Attacks

Coyote attacks are fortunately rare, but there are a few easy steps you can take to prevent them:

  • Keep your pets safe. The best way to keep your pets safe from coyotes is to keep them indoors or enclosed in a kennel or fenced-in area. Make sure that the kennel or fence is at least two metres high to keep the coyotes out.
  • Discourage coyotes from entering your property. Any form of deterrent, including painting eyes on the fence or putting up a motion-activated sprinkler system, may be effective in keeping coyotes off your land. And, if you see a coyote it’s important to make your presence known: loud noises, like whistles or air horns, can often make them back away.
  • Keep your yard well maintained. Tall grass, overgrown vegetation, and wood piles can provide coyotes with the perfect hiding spot, so it’s important to keep your yard clear of debris. In addition, make sure your garbage is securely stored away, as coyotes may be attracted by the smell of food waste.

What to Do if You See a Coyote

If you do spot a coyote, stay away and don’t approach it. Maintain a safe distance, and back away slowly. If the coyote appears aggressive, make loud noises, wave your arms and throw sticks or stones at it to discourage it from coming back.


It is a tragedy any time an animal is killed or injured in an attack, and this coyote attack serves as an important reminder of the importance of keeping our pets and families safe from wildlife. Following the steps outlined in this article may be able to help reduce the risk of coyote attacks in your area.

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