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5 Things a Dog in a Wheelchair Can Do

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5 Things a Dog in a Wheelchair Can Do

5 Things a Dog in a Wheelchair Can Do

Having a dog in a wheelchair can be a difficult experience for both you and your pet. While it is hard to adjust to the physical, mental, and emotional changes, the good news is that your pup can enjoy a full life in their new condition. Here are 5 ways you can help your canine companion live their best life possible:


Regular physical activity is important for dogs of all abilities. Wheelchair-bound dogs can improve their fitness, strength, and overall wellbeing by engaging in simple exercises:

  • Running – Dogs in wheelchairs can be taken out for a walk, even if they can’t run. If they’re able to, you can help them with their running by pushing them in their chair.
  • Weight training – These exercises are designed to help your pup strengthen their legs, neck, and core muscles without putting too much strain on their joints or cart.
  • Pool therapy – Swimming is a great way for a wheelchair-bound pup to get some exercise, with minimal risk to their joints and cart.


Just because your pup is in a wheelchair doesn’t mean they can’t have fun! Adapting their toys to their new lifestyle is key:

  • Soft toys – Soft toys like stuffed animals and plush balls are great for dogs in wheelchairs because they’re easy for them to grasp and control.
  • Rope toys – If your pup is able to balance, rope toys like tug-of-war and ring toss can help them strengthen their neck muscles while they play.
  • Interactive toys – Puzzles and interactive toys are perfect for stimulating your pup’s brain while they exercise their bodies.


Wheelchair-bound pups need to engage with their fellow canines and humans. Taking them to a dog park or meetup is a great way to help them socialize:

  • Dog parks – Dog parks are a safe and fun place for your pup to socialize. Look for parks with wheelchair-accessible ramps and surfaces that are suitable for your pup.
  • Meetups – There are many meetup groups for dogs of all abilities. Joining these groups can help your pup make new friends and keep up with their social skills.
  • Pet therapy – Taking part in pet therapy can be a great way for your pup to get out and interact with others, while also building their self-confidence.


Providing your pup with some extra training is one of the best investments you can make. It can equip them with skills that will help them live and thrive in their new lifestyle, like:

  • Potty training – If your pup is not potty trained, they may need to learn how to do so in their wheelchair.
  • Commands – Teaching your pup commands like stay and sit can help them stay safe and find their way around.
  • Obstacle courses – Practicing going up and down ramps, climbing curbs, and navigating around tight spaces can help your pup build their confidence and skills.


It’s important to create a home environment that is safe and comfortable for your pup. Providing your pup with:

  • Stairs and ramps – Stairs and ramps can help your pup get around your home easily, so they don’t strain their joints trying to jump or pull themselves up.
  • Non-slip surfaces – Wheeled mobility aides can be slippery. Providing your pup with non-slip surfaces will help them stay safe in their wheelchair.
  • Soft and familiar objects – Placing their favorite soft toys and blankets around your home will make your pup feel safe and secure.

A wheelchair can be an intimidating adjustment, but with the right care and support, your pup can live a full and happy life. Whether they’re at home or out and about, these five activities are key to helping your pup lead a life without limitations.

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