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A Brief History Of Dog Food

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A Brief History Of Dog Food

A Brief History Of Dog Food

Dog food, or pet nutrition, has come a long way in decisions and ingredients. Over the years, owners have learned the importance of providing their canine friends with the nutrients they need for a healthy life. Let’s take a look at how dog food has evolved in recent centuries.

Early Dog Food

Dog food has been around for centuries, with various cultures creating meals for their canine companions. Many of these ingredients were staples found in the human kitchen, such as meat, grains, and by-products.

Often, these early recipes were inspired by what was available to the local people, and could range from table scraps from the family meal to grains, pasta, and vegetables.

Industrial Revolution to WW2

With the industrial revolution of the 1800s, the production of dog food was able to move out of the home and into factories. This allowed for the consistency and production of canned dog food, as well as dried kibble. During WW2, kibble was introduced to military rations and became available to the general public after the war.

Post-WW2 Dog Food

After WW2, research into pet nutrition increased dramatically and ingredients began to improve. This was the same time that kibble was promoted as a convenient and nutritious way to feed dogs. Improvements in production meant that key nutrients, vitamins, and minerals could be added that improved the quality of dog food tremendously.

Modern Dog Food

Today, there is a huge variety of dog food available from organic, to grain-free and raw diet foods. With the increased focus on human-grade ingredients, the majority of modern pet food is based on the nutritional needs of pets to provide them with the best possible diets.


Dog food has come a long way in recent centuries. From table scraps and early homemade recipes, to the modern choices of organic, grain-free and raw diets. Owners have the choice of providing their canine friends with the perfect nutrition they need for a healthy life.

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