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Bed Bugs On Dogs & Cats – Should You Worry?

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Bed Bugs On Dogs & Cats – Should You Worry?

Bed Bugs On Dogs & Cats – Should You Worry?

Are you concerned that your furry family members may be suffering from bed bugs? Don’t panic – bed bugs on pet dogs and cats are incredibly rare. Still, you should familiarize yourself with the basics to ensure your pets are safe.

What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are tiny, parasitic insects that feed on blood. They’re most commonly found in mattresses, box springs and other furniture, as well as carpets, curtains and other soft furnishings. They come out at night to feed on human and animal blood, leaving behind red bites that can cause irritation and other medical issues.

Can Bed Bugs Infest Pets?

It is highly unlikely that your dog or cat can be infested by bed bugs, as these wingless creatures cannot jump or fly. The only way for them to spread is through contact with an infested person or animal, or by crawling from one area to another. So unless your pet has been in contact with an infested person or animal, or has been to an area with an active bed bug infestation, the chances of bed bug infestation are extremely small.

Signs of Bed Bug Infestation on Pets

If your pet does come into contact with an infested person or animal, there are some signs to watch for that may indicate the presence of bed bugs:

  • Bites: Bed bug bites can cause red, itchy welts, similar to mosquito bites. Look for clusters of bites on your pet’s skin.
  • Blood spots: Bed bugs feed on blood, so you may find red or brown spots on your pet’s fur or skin.
  • Live bugs: You may find live bed bugs in your pet’s fur or clothing. Be very careful when searching for live bed bugs, as they can crawl quickly and may bite.

How to Prevent Bed Bug Infestation on Your Pets

The best way to prevent a bed bug infestation on your pets is to keep them away from any infested areas. This includes not letting them sleep in the same bed as an infested person and avoiding any areas that may be infested, such as old furniture stores, second-hand clothing stores, or hotels and inns.

It’s also important to keep your pet’s bedding and sleeping areas clean and free of clutter. Vacuum regularly and wash bedding and blankets frequently, as this can help stop bed bugs from spreading.


While bed bugs on pet dogs and cats are rare, it is important to be aware of the signs and take steps to prevent an infestation. Keep your pet away from any potential sources of bed bugs and keep its sleeping area clean and free from clutter. If you think your pet may have bed bugs, contact your veterinarian for advice on how to safely remove them.

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