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Bed Bugs On Dogs & Cats – Should You Worry?

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Bed Bugs On Dogs & Cats – Should You Worry?

Bed Bugs On Dogs & Cats – Should You Worry?

Bed bugs on dogs and cats may sound like something you should worry about, but don’t panic just yet. Here are some signs to watch for, and tips to protect your furry friends from these pesky pests.

Signs of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can be difficult to spot, as they are small, flat, and typically come out only at night. If you notice any of the following signs, it is worth investigating further for bed bug presence:

  • Paw/skin irritation – Your pet may be exhibiting signs of itching or scratching, a common sign of bed bugs.
  • Red spots on the skin – The tell-tale warning sign of bed bugs is red spots on the skin, which may also be accompanied with irritation.
  • Stiff fur – Bed bug bites can cause fur loss in both cats and dogs, and the affected area may be accompanied with a sticky substance.
  • Unusual odors – If a pet has a high population of bed bugs, they may release a musty smell.

Preventing Bed Bugs on Dogs and Cats

The best way to prevent bed bugs infesting your furry friends is to take precautions to keep them away in the first place. Here are a few tips to keep your pet protected:

  • Check around the house – Regularly inspect your home for signs of bed bugs, especially in furniture, carpets and pet beds where they tend to hide.
  • Vacuum regularly – Frequent vacuuming can help remove any stray bed bugs around your home, and help to keep your pet bed bug free.
  • Wash pet bedding regularly – Keeping your pet’s bedding clean and washed frequently can reduce the chance of bed bugs coming into contact with your pet.
  • Treat your pet regularly – There are a variety of pet treatment solutions available specifically designed to protect against bed bugs.

If you have any suspicions that your pet may have bed bugs, don’t hesitate to contact your veterinarian. With the right preventative measures, and quick action if necessary, you can keep your pet safe and free from pests.

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