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Bed Bugs On Dogs & Cats – Should You Worry?

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Bed Bugs On Dogs & Cats – Should You Worry?

Bed Bugs on Dogs & Cats – Should You Worry?

Bed bugs are a pesky problem that can be difficult to solve. They typically find their way into homes by hitchhiking on furniture or clothing. Unfortunately, they have recently been found on dogs and cats, too. This occurrence has caused many to worry about the presence of bed bugs. So what are the facts?

Are Bed Bugs on Dogs & Cats Dangerous?

The short answer is yes. Bed bugs are not known to cause serious illnesses in humans or animals, but they can certainly be a nuisance. They feed on blood and can cause itchy bites. These bites can manifest as red marks on the skin. While bed bugs on cats and dogs may not be overly harmful, pet owners should still try to prevent them.

Preventive Measures

There are a variety of ways to prevent bed bugs on cats and dogs:

  • Regular Vacuuming: Vacuuming regularly can help remove the bugs before a full infestation occurs.
  • Periodic Washing: It’s important to keep pet bedding, clothing, and toys clean by washing them regularly.
  • Steam Cleaning: Steam cleaning can be an effective way to kill bed bugs in furniture and carpets.
  • Insecticides: Using insecticide sprays on beds, furniture, and carpets can help prevent and remove bed bugs.


Bed bugs on cats and dogs can be a nuisance and should be prevented whenever possible. Fortunately, there are a variety of methods available to treat and prevent these pesky critters. By following the above preventive measures and seeking professional help when necessary, pet owners can help keep their furry friends safe from bed bugs.

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