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Can Cats Be Part of Wedding Parties? How Will They React?

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Can Cats Be Part of Wedding Parties? How Will They React?

Can Cats Be Part of Wedding Parties? How Will They React?

Cats are not just beloved pets, but they can make great additions to a wedding celebration! From luxurious wedding processions to romantic first dances, having cats in wedding parties is becoming increasingly popular. But how do cats react to such events?

Will Cats Attend the Ceremony?

It is possible to include cats in your wedding ceremony without them becoming scared or agitated. It is important that cats feel comfortable and safe in unfamiliar environments like wedding venues, or else behaviour problems may ensue. Here are some tips for ensuring a stress-free cat experience during your special day:

  • Choose the right cat: Prior to the ceremony, it is best to ensure the cat is friendly and socialised, and that they don’t get easily frightened.
  • Pick a secure area: It is essential that the cat isn’t left alone and that they don’t run off, so put them in a safe area and make sure they are supervised.
  • Limit guests: The couple’s families and guests should be informed of the presence of the cat, and the right instructions should be given to them about the feline’s safety and comfort.

Will They Enjoy the Reception?

Cats might also be present at the wedding reception, which could be even more fun for them than the formal ceremony itself. Although the furry feline will certainly be the centre of attention, here are a few tips for making sure that the wedding reception is enjoyable for the cat too:

  • Create a space: At the venue, set aside a special space just for the cat, with a bed, toy and water bowl.
  • Occasional breaks: If the cat starts to look distressed or anxious, give them a break away from the reception and then return them back to the party when they seem more relaxed.
  • Avoid distractions: Keep cats away from sudden movements and loud noises (such as loud music), as these can scare them.

The Bottom Line

Cats can add an unforgettable moment to any wedding ceremony or reception. With the right precautions, a touch of patience and proper attention, your fur baby can enjoy the festivities alongside you and your family – and you’ll be able to create lifelong memories together.

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