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Do Pets Have Pet Peeves? Find Out What Might Annoy Your Dog

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Do Pets Have Pet Peeves? Find Out What Might Annoy Your Dog

Do Pets Have Pet Peeves? Find Out What Might Annoy Your Dog

It can be easy to presume that our pets have no opinions on the evens going on around them. We may not think about the idea of pets having pet peeves, but it turns out that many animals can be quite particular about certain things. Dogs in particular have a wide variety of sensitivities and things that they don’t find pleasant.

What Does Your Dog Find Annoying?

If you’re living with a pooch, chances are, there are some things that your pup finds annoying. Paying attention to the things they don’t necessarily enjoy can help you keep them happy and comfortable. Here are some common pet peeves your pup might have:

  • Vacuuming: The loud noise of a vacuum cleaner can be a huge source of stress for some dogs. They may retreat to a corner of the house or display signs of aggression when vacuuming. Make sure to give them some space when cleaning and although you can’t eliminate the noise, you could try introducing a white noise machine to help calm them down.
  • Strong smells: Strong fragrances, cleaning products and cigarette smoke can all be incredibly irritating for dogs. Whenever you’re using any chemicals around the house, make sure that your pup is safe in another room or outdoors. They don’t have to worry about the smells and you don’t have to worry about them barking at you.
  • Pests: Whether it’s a spider, a fly or any other type of creepy crawler, dogs will often be drawn to them. While some dogs may just be curious, others can develop extreme anxiety and become aggressive. If your pup starts to act up, try your best to safely remove the pest and get them distracted with a toy.

What Else May Annoy Your Dog?

No two dogs are alike and the pet peeves of one animal may be completely different for another one. While some dogs may be scared of balloons, others may be completely unfazed by them. Other things like strangers, loud noises, strange people and even children could also cause some negative reactions from your pup.

If you notice that your dog is displaying any signs of stress or anxiety, it’s important to look into the source of their discomfort. Picking up on the particular pet peeves or sensitivities of your animal can help you create a positive and comfortable home for them. That way, you can be sure to keep your pup happy and healthy.

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