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Dog Found Cemented To Sidewalk Now Recovering

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91724 dog found cemented to sidewalk now recovering

What kind of injuries did the dog sustain from being cemented to the sidewalk?

Dog Found Cemented To Sidewalk Now Recovering

A sad incident happened in Mexico City this month, when a small dog was cemented and abandoned on the sidewalk.

The Cruel Discoveries

According to witness accounts, passersby made the following cruel discoveries:

  • The dog was sitting in concrete. It was sitting upright, seemingly unable to move.
  • Around its neck, a piece of wood had been embedded in the concrete.
  • Its legs, tail, and mouth were tightly bound with twine.

The Rescue Plan

The police and local animal rescue teams decided to develop a plan to save the dog. After investigating the scene, they realized that the only way to remove the dog was to cut away the concrete and set him free.

The Aftermath

The dog, since named “Lucky,” is now in the care of the animal rescue team. They reported that so far, he’s in good health and appears to be recovering well. Updates on his progress are being posted online.

A Message To All

As much as this is a story of luck, it is of course also a story of cruelty. This serves as a reminder to all of us to keep our eyes open for cases of animal abuse and act when we can. Nobody deserves to suffer such cruelty and neglect.

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