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Flying With Your Cat for the First Time

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Flying With Your Cat for the First Time

Flying With Your Cat for the First Time

Travelling with your pet can be tricky, especially if this is your pet’s first-time flying. Cats are notoriously picky creatures, so making sure they’re comfortable is important so that neither of you have a stressful experience. Here’s how to ensure your cat has a smooth journey:

Prepare for the Trip

  • Research the Rules and Regulations: Different airlines have different rules and regulations for pets on board. Make sure you know if your cat is allowed on board, if they have to remain in a carrier for the duration of the flight, and if they have to comply with any specific size requirements.
  • Visit the Vet: Before you go, it’s a good idea to visit your vet to ensure your cat is up-to-date on all of their vaccinations and health certificates. This will make the whole process easier both at the airport and when you arrive.
  • Creating a Comforting Environment: Make sure your cat’s travel carrier is tall enough for them to stand up, and that you provide plenty of soft bedding to make the carrier as comfortable as possible. It’s also important to bring along any calming treats or toys they enjoy to make them feel safe.

At the Airport

  • Check-In: Upon arrival at the airport, make sure you head to the check-in desk to notify the airline you’ll be travelling with a pet. It’s best to arrive as early as possible, as sometimes there are restrictions on how many pets are allowed to board each flight.
  • Carry-On or Checked-Luggage: Depending on the size of your cat, you may be able to bring them onto the flight with you as a carry-on pet or they may need to travel as checked-in luggage. Make sure you double check with the airline when you check-in.
  • Security: Before you board the plane, your cat will need to go through security. You may need to take them out of the carrier while they go through the x-ray machine, but with patience and lots of treats, this should be a stress-free process.

Travelling Tips

  • Stay Calm: It’s important that you stay as calm as possible throughout the entire process. Cats can sense your emotions and if you’re getting stressed, they’ll begin to panic too.
  • No Food or Water: Avoid feeding your cat a few hours before you travel. The same goes for water. This will reduce the chances of them becoming nauseous and will also prevent any messes if you’re on a long-flight.

When travelling with your cat for the first time, it’s important to do your research, remain calm and make the process as comfortable as possible. A few extra precautions and your cat should have a smooth journey with you.

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