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Guinea Pigs: What Is To Love Them? They Are Adorable

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Before deciding if guinea pigs are the right pet for you, there are some important things to know. For example, these rodents require a large cage with lots of enrichment and attention from their owners. But if you’re willing to make the effort, guinea pigs make excellent pets! Here’s what to know before getting a guinea pig.

Why must you get a guinea pig?

Because the Guinea pigs are social animals and revel in the corporate of different guinea pigs. They additionally would like numerous attention from their humans. Some benefits to having a guinea pig are that they’re. Low-maintenance pets, straightforward to require care of, and need less house than several different pets. One disadvantage is that they are doing not like being caged up or on the ground.

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Housing issues:

– Guinea pigs are social animals, so they would like the company. (they’re not appropriate as pets for adults WHO live alone)

– they have their own house

– they can not be housed with the other animal, as well as different guinea pigs or rabbits.

– A male and feminine guinea pig shouldn’t be housed alone. As a result, the males can spray piss everyplace in a shot to mark territory.

– If you have got over one guinea pig, permit them to induce awareness of one another before confining them along.

– Allow them to act at temperature for concerning 5 minutes daily till they appear comfy with every other’s presence. This might take up to 3 weeks or longer if they do not like one another from the start.

The best diet for guinea pigs

They are strict herbivores, which means they solely eat plants. they have recent fodder and vegetables for as several meals as attainable, in addition to recent fruit and leaflike greens each once in a while. it’s additionally essential that you simply give your guinea pig pellets, that contain the nutrients that they can not get from veggies alone. the simplest diet for your guinea pig is one that mixes pellets, hay, veggies, and fruit.

Guinea pigs would like fellowship

In the wild, guinea pigs sleep in social teams known as herds. In captivity, they ought to be unbroken in pairs or little teams. there’s proof that guinea pigs would like fellowship and don’t thrive after they are alone.

The most important is, ought to have constant access to fodder, recent vegetables and fruit, and H2O. Additionally would like an associate degree in exercise wheel as result guinea pigs are active animals WHO will become fat if they do not get enough activity.

Feed little meals throughout the day rather than one massive meal in the morning or evening as a result their stomachs take longer to digest food than those of different animals.

How does one take care of them?

Rear but the Guinea pigs are different from different pets as a result of they do not create any noise, therefore you may ne’er hear them meow or bark. Also, they even have short hair and no sharp claws, which is why many of us opt for them as our initial pets. However, guinea pigs are sensitive animals and will not get pleasure from being picked up or control for long periods of your time.

If you would like to carry your guinea pig, it is important to stay in mind that they like having their feet touched, that is why many of us favor sitting on the ground with them rather than lifting them into the air.

Are they different from different animals?

Guinea pigs are social animals, and they get pleasure from the corporate of individuals and different pets. they’re adding additional activity than rabbits, that is one reason why they create such nice pets for kids. However, that does not mean that you simply ought to overlook their wants or rush into it while not doing a little analysis initially.

An example, guinea pigs would like time outside of their cages daily to exercise and keep healthy. If you have got little youngsters WHO prefer to play with them. You’ll have to show them the way to be light alternatively the insufficient critters might get hurt.

Should you get over one?

guinea pigs

It is important that they need another guinea pig to play with. If you get 2, check that they are of the alternative sex so that they do not breed, and add additional guinea pigs.

If you have got an associate degree, aggressive male. Check that there’s a minimum of one different male gift within the cage. If you have got an associate degree in the aggressive feminine. Then check that there’s a minimum of one different feminine gift within the cage. Therefore she will not get on prime of all the males.

Are guinea pigs smart pets for kids?

Thinking about obtaining a guinea pig? Here are some things you will need to grasp before you quit and get one.

There are many various styles of guinea pigs. Make sure that you are researching the kind of guinea pig that may best fit your wants. Completely different breeds have different personalities and life spans. If you are looking for a pet WHO will not take up an excessive amount of house. Then take into account obtaining a smaller breed like an associate degree yank or Abyssinian cat guinea pig.

If you would like one thing cuddlier associate degree additional interactive. Then get one among the larger breeds like an English or Peruvian guinea pig. You may additionally decide what quiet housing your new pet will sleep in – wire cages or larger pens?

Where am I able to learn more?

Necessary things before obtaining a pet guinea pig. Here are some things that you simply ought to fathom owning this kind of animal:

-Learn more about Guinea pigs because they would like a minimum of half-hour of exercise per day to remain healthy.

-A single guinea pig needs up to 6 hours of daily care, whereas. 2 needs a minimum of four hours.

-You’ll need to pay time cleansing the cage and bedding often likewise as dynamic food and water usually.

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