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How Cats Help Humans Across the World Get Through Lockdowns & Life

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What differences have cats made in the lives of humans around the world during lockdowns?

How Cats Help Humans Across the World Get Through Lockdowns & Life

Cats have been known to provide companionship and entertainment to humans over the centuries. During the Covid-19 pandemic, cats have become an even more important source of comfort and support as many of us deal with being stuck at home. Here’s how cats have been helping people across the globe cope with lockdowns and life in general:

Provides Comfort & Companionship

Cats provide unconditional love, companionship, and camaraderie in a time when most of us are unable to get out and socialize. Additionally, cats have been known to reduce stress and anxiety due to their soothing purrs and calming presence.

A Sense of Normalcy

Having a pet around can give us a sense of normalcy in an otherwise unfamiliar and anxious world. Cats are comforting reminders of the home and family life we’ve created.


Cats provide lots of entertainment. From watching cats sleep to playing with their favorite toys, cats can provide hours of amusement when we get bored.

Helpful Health Benefits

Cats have been known to have positive psychological and physical effects on humans. It has been suggested that cats can lower blood pressure and improve overall health by helping increase physical activity through play.

A Source of Joy

Above all else, cats provide joy. From their funny antics to their general cuteness, cats are sure to make you smile and lighten your mood in dark times.

Whether you already have a furry friend or are thinking of getting one, cats can be an invaluable source of comfort and support during this challenging time.

So why not consider bringing a little joy into your house with a feline friend?

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