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How to Help a Senior Dog Strengthen It’s Hind Legs

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How to Help a Senior Dog Strengthen It’s Hind Legs

How to Help a Senior Dog Strengthen It’s Hind Legs

Tending to the needs of a senior dog is especially important for preserving their quality of life as they age. One of the most common issues that a senior dog may face is declining strength in their hind legs, which can make getting around increasingly difficult. To help your beloved pup stay mobile and comfortable in their golden years, here are some strategies for strengthening their hind legs:


Water therapy is one of the best options for helping your senior pooch get their strength back in their hind legs. Most canine rehabilitation centers and physical therapy clinics offer hydrotherapy services. Hydrotherapy sessions can help your pup increase their strength and build muscle, plus provide mental stimulation and enrichment to keep them engaged during the process.

In-Home Exercise Program

You can also help your senior dog at home with an exercise program tailored to their needs. Look for exercises that build strength in the hind legs but are low-impact and not overly strenuous. Some of these exercises include:

  • Sit-to-stand: Having your pup stand up and sit down repeatedly can help strengthen their hind legs.
  • Leg raises: You can help your pup strengthen their toes and ankles by gently lifting and extending their back legs.
  • Walking on soft surfaces: Strolls on soft surfaces like grass or carpet can help reduce impact to the joints on their hind legs.
  • Supportive aids: Investing in supportive aids like a front-clip harness, splints, or braces can help give them the extra support they need when walking or playing.

The important thing is to start with simple exercises and let your pup’s comfort level guide how much they do. Slowly build up the intensity of the exercises as they become stronger.

Get Nutritionally Balanced Dog Food

Senior dogs require more nutrients and less fat than other dog food offerings. Make sure your pup’s meals contain wholesome, nutritionally-rich ingredients like salmon, brown rice, sweet potatoes, chicken and eggs. Use feeding amounts based on your pup’s size and activity level. You may also need to supplement with a joint-care product to help protect bones and cartilage.

By making sure your pup is getting the care and exercise they need, you can help give them the best quality of life as they age. With the right strategies and proactive approach, your pup can stay mobile, vibrant, and happy for a long time.

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