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How to Make Sure You’re Starting Your Pet’s Year Off Right

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How to Make Sure You’re Starting Your Pet’s Year Off Right

2. What signs should I look out for to ensure my pet’s health and well-being during the new year?

How to Make Sure You’re Starting Your Pet’s Year Off Right

Taking care of your pet is an important and rewarding responsibility. To make sure you’re giving your pet the best care, it’s important to look out into the future and plan for when and what type of care your pet will need. Taking some time to think about your pet’s wellness and happiness at the start of a new year and beyond is a great way to start your pet off on the right foot.

1. Create a Budget for Pet Care

Establish a budget for the care of your pet. This includes everyday expenses such as food, toys, and grooming supplies, but it should also provide for the occasional, more substantial expenses like vet visits or daycare costs. A helpful exercise is to write out the yearly pet care expenses and divide them by month to get an idea of what your monthly costs may look like. This can be helpful to adjust your budget and plan for the year ahead.

2. Make a List of Vet Services

Making a list of all vet services you will need for your pet will help you to better plan for your pet’s yearly wellness. Basic services such as vaccinations, blood work, and heartworm testing are essential to keeping your pet in good health. Depending on your pet’s age, other more specialized services such as dental cleanings, cancer screening, or specialized diets may need to be added to the list. Contact your vet regularly to discuss your pet’s needs and plan accordingly.

3. Update Microchip Information

Ensuring your pet’s microchip is always up to date is vitally important. It’s essential that if your pet ever gets lost, the ownership information the microchip company has on file is accurate. Update your pet’s microchip information at least once a year with your current contact information.

4. Schedule Play Dates & Exercise

Socialization and regular exercise are key to a happy and healthy pet. Make sure that your pet can get enough activity and socialization with other pets and people. If your pet needs more companionship than you can provide, consider enrolling them in daycare services or playdates with other dogs.

5. Consider Investing in Specialized Insurance

Specialized pet insurance provides pet owners with peace of mind knowing they can cover their pet’s health costs if a major illness or injury ever arises. Make sure to research different pet insurance plans and decide if it’s right for you and your pet.


Caring for your pet is an important responsibility and taking the time to start your pet’s year off right will help ensure your pet’s overall health and well-being. Create a budget for pet care, make a list of vet services, update any microchip information, schedule play dates and exercise, and consider specialized pet insurance. Taking these steps will set you and your pet up for a great start to the year and beyond.

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