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How You Should Prepare Your Dog For The Holiday Season

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How You Should Prepare Your Dog For The Holiday Season

How To Prepare Your Dog For The Holiday Season

The holiday season can be a joyous time for both humans and their canine friends. However, it can also bring about a lot of changes for you and your pup. Preparing for the seasonal excitement in advance can help your pet feel safe and enjoy the family fun.

1. Educate Your Family And Visitors

Let your family and visitors know when they arrive that no one should touch your pup without permission. Establish some ground rules and reinforce them if breaks occur. This can help to reduce the stress that some dogs may feel due to all the additional people in the home.

2. Stick To Different Routines

Holiday festivities may require you to stick to a different daily routine than normal. Try to keep your pup’s eating and pottying times throughout the season as normal as possible. This will help to relieve some of the anxiety that can be triggered from changes in routine.

3. Keep Your Décor Pet Safe

Holidays bring about a lot of decorations and treats that may look enticing to a pup. Candles, glass ornaments, chocolates, and poinsettias, for instance, can all be toxic to dogs. Make sure to keep these out of reach from your pup. Invest in a pet-safe décor alternative or ask your guests to leave treats behind while they are visiting.

4. Plan Outings With Your Dog

If your pup is generally used to taking walks with you or going to the park, try to keep up with these outings during the holidays as well. Planning ahead will help you and your pup have some peace and quiet amidst the otherwise noisy atmosphere of the holiday season.

5. Provide Chew Toys And Comfort Items

Provide your pet with plenty of chew toys as well as a safe, comfortable place to rest during the holidays. If your pup is feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of people around, give him some alone time. This can help to prevent any stress related behaviors.


The holiday season can be a difficult time for both humans and their furry friends. By following these suggestions, you can help make it easier for you and your pup to enjoy the festivities:

  • Educate your family and visitors on rules regarding your pet
  • Stick to different routines despite the changes in the atmosphere
  • Keep pet-safe décor away from your pup
  • Plan outings with your pup
  • Provide chew toys and comfort items for your pet

By doing this, you and your pup will have a fun and stress-free holiday season!

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