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Is My Cat Deaf? 6 Easy Ways to Tell!

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Is My Cat Deaf? 6 Easy Ways to Tell!

Is My Cat Deaf? 6 Easy Ways to Tell!

Do you suspect that your beloved feline might be deaf? It can be tricky determining if your cat is affected by this condition. The following easy-to-follow guide can help you decide whether or not your cat’s hearing is impacted.

1. Watch for physical signs.

Look for any physical signs that may point to your cat having a hearing issue. These may include:

  • Clumsiness – Does your cat often bump into furniture and walls?
  • No response to loud noise – Test your cat’s reaction to loud noises like dropping a kitchen pan or producing a loud clap.
  • Walks in unusual patterns – Has your cat been walking around in circles with their head tilted to the side?

2. Draw their attention.

Trying to draw your cat’s attention is one way to discover if they’re deaf. Here are a few things to try:

  • Vibrations – Use a vibration collar or play with a toy with a vibrating base.
  • Light – Shine a flashlight on them or move a bright object around.
  • Motion – Wave something around or move a feather toy in front of them.

3. Have a hearing test.

If you are still unsure if your cat is suffering from deafness, consider bringing them in for a veterinary hearing test. During this test, the vet will play a series of tones at different pitches. The vet will look for your cat’s reactions to each tone. If there is no response, it is likely that your cat is suffering from hearing loss.

4. Monitor behavior.

Keep an eye out for behavioral signs that may indicate your cat is deaf. These include:

  • They’re startled easily
  • They sleep more often
  • They may display aggression
  • They’re less active

5. Speak in a higher pitch.

Speak directly to your cat using a louder, higher-pitched voice. If your cat does not respond and continues to go about their business, though, it could indicate a hearing issue.

6. Make a loud noise.

Try making sudden, loud noises such as clapping your hands or banging a pot, and observe your cat’s reaction. If there is no response to a sudden, loud sound, it more than likely indicates your cat is deaf.

If you noticed any of the previously mentioned signs with your cat, it’s important that you speak to your veterinarian right away. They can provide you with an official diagnosis and assistance on how to help your cat live their best life with deafness.

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