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Service Dog: Whether I Meet the Requirements

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Service Dog: Whether I Meet the Requirements

Service Dog: Am I Qualified?

Do you think you may need a service dog? Do you meet the requirements? Read on to find out if you’re eligible to receive a service animal.

Definition of a Service Dog

A service dog is a specially trained animal that performs tasks to assist people with disabilities. Service animals can be trained to help with a variety of tasks, including physical tasks such as helping with balance, open doors, alerts an owner of their surroundings, provide emotional support, and retrieve items that have been dropped.

Qualifications for Service Dogs

To be qualified for a service dog, an individual must have a documented disability or medical condition that the animal will help with. Some examples of disabling conditions that may qualify an individual for a service dog include:

  • Visual Impairment – Individuals who are blind or have a low vision can benefit from a service animals trained to assist them with daily tasks.
  • Hearing Impairment – Service animals can be trained to alert the owner to sound such as doorbell ringing and alarms.
  • Physical Disability – Service animals can assist with mobility and balance issues, as well as open and close doors.
  • Psychological and Emotional Support – Service animals can help with psychological and emotional issues, such as anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder.


If you meet the requirements for a service dog, then you may be eligible to receive one. It’s important to consult with your doctor and research the type of service animal that will best meet your needs. With the proper training, service animals can be a huge help in living a more independent life.

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