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South Wales Man Reunited With His Dogs Stolen Three Years Ago

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South Wales Man Reunited With His Dogs Stolen Three Years Ago

South Wales Man Reunited With Dogs Stolen Three Years Ago

A Man from South Wales has been reunited with his two stolen dogs after three years apart.

Thomas Rudd, from Newport, was shocked to discover his two beloved Alaskan Malamutes had gone missing from his garden in December 2017. On hearing the news, Thomas released a public plea for information, but after months of searching, still had no leads.

Three Years of Misery

The stolen dogs, named Fenrir and Freya, had been taken from Thomas not long after he had rescued them from a farm. For three years, Thomas was left in the dark about his pet’s whereabouts, and eventually giving up hope of ever seeing Fenrir and Freya again.

A Lucky Break

Luckily, Thomas’s break came in the form of a call from his local council’s animal control department. A member of the public had turned in two Alaskan Malamutes that had been wandering around the area, and Thomas provided them with the microchip information to prove their identity.

The two dogs had been neglected, with overgrown claws and underweight bodies, but the reunion was still a tear-filled moment. Thomas now plans to make sure Fenrir and Freya never go missing ever again.

Preventing Pet Theft

Unfortunately, tales like Thomas’s are becoming a frighteningly common reason for animals to go missing. To help other pet owners avoid heartache and misery, here are some tips to prevent pet theft:

  • Microchip your pet – always make sure the contact details associated with the microchip are up to date.
  • Keep Identification On – make sure your pet’s identification tags are displayed at all times and inside and outside of your home.
  • Enclose Your Garden – keep your pet safe by making sure your garden and fences are secure and fit for purpose.
  • Check CCTV – if you have CCTV, then make sure you check the recordings regularly and report any suspicious activity.

Finally, the reunion of Thomas and Fenrir and Freya is a reminder of what can happen when you least expect it, and to take all the necessary precautions to keep your pet safe.

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