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The Wonderful Relationship Between Istanbul and Its Cats!

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The Wonderful Relationship Between Istanbul and Its Cats!

2. What actions has the Istanbul city government taken to promote the health and well-being of the city’s cats?

The Wonderful Relationship Between Istanbul and Its Cats!

There is possibly no other city in the world which cherishes cats as much as Istanbul does. For centuries, people in Istanbul have been living side by side with cats, enjoying their presence in the city and making them part of their daily lives. This close relationship between humans and cats in Istanbul is something that the city is renowned for and makes it a unique place.

The city of Istanbul has many tales to tell about its cats. Most notably, many believe that cats have been a part of the fabric of Istanbul since 16th century. At the time, it was believed that cats would keep away sea monsters and provide some sort of protection of the city. Since then, cats have been considered a symbol of luck in the city and have been adopted as beloved pets by many.

The locals of Istanbul love their cats and care for them. In fact, there are a number of charities in Istanbul that are devoted to protect and take care of the cats of the city. Every day, Istanbulers can be seen giving food and petting the cats of the city.

More recently, Istanbul has also become home to an organization called The Cat Coalition which is devoted to advocating for the protection and adoption of cats in Istanbul. This coalition successfully led initiatives for the adoption of stray cats and even started a program for sterilization of cats.

Overall, the relationship between Istanbul and cats is quite special, and the city loves and cares for its cats. Here are some of the ways Istanbulers look after their cats:

Giving Food

Istanbulers love their cats and enjoy giving them food. Most major roads in the city have shelves filled with food and water, and people can be seen making sure that these shelves are regularly filled with food.


Most hospitals in Istanbul have special clinics and services dedicated to treating cats. These special clinics are run by the city and provide much needed medical care and attention to cats.


Istanbul also has multiple charities that are devoted to protecting the cats of the city, with some charities even focusing on the shelter and adoption of stray cats.

The Wonderful Relationship between Istanbul and its cats is something that has been strengthened through the centuries, and it is unlikely that this special bond will ever be broken.

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