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Tips For Curing Your Dog’s Boredom

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Tips For Curing Your Dog’s Boredom

Tips for Curing Your Dog’s Boredom

Just like us humans, our furry four-legged friends can get bored too. Unfortunately, when boredom comes calling, our dogs can resort to destructive behaviours, namely chewing and barking, to ease the pain. To prevent these behaviours from taking hold and being difficult to reverse, here are some tips for keeping your pooch from feeling bored:

Keep a Regular Routine

If you or your family keep different schedules every day or week, it can be similarly disorienting for your dog. Keeping to a consistent routine – waking up, eating, playing, walking, etc. – helps to keep their days structured and provide the sense of security that comes with knowing what will happen next.

Take them Out for Walks?

The more your pup gets to explore new places during walks, the more they’ll be stimulated and engaged. Take them out to parks and other dog-friendly areas to experience new smells and sights. Fetch is also a great way to keep dogs entertained and engaged.

Include Games in their Day

Playtime doesn’t need to be a lengthy affair and can even be broken up into short 30 minute bursts throughout the day. Playing hide-and-seek, tug of war, and other games are great ways to keep your pup’s attention and interest.

Provide Mental Stimulation

  • Kongs or puzzle toys. Providing toys that will challenge your dog is a great way to keep them engaged in their environment. Try Kongs or puzzle toys that reward your pup with a treat after time spent figuring out the toy.
  • Dog-friendly activities. Try teaching your dog some fun tricks, let them play in the unfamiliar environment of a doggie daycare, or take them for a car ride! These can all help to prevent your pup from getting bored.

By investing some time in your pup’s physical and mental stimulation, you can effectively fight boredom and create a happier, better-behaved pet.

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