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Traveling With Pets To Canada From The U.S. – Tips For Crossing The Border

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Traveling With Pets To Canada From The U.S. – Tips For Crossing The Border

2. Are there any restrictions or requirements on the type of pet that can be transported across the border?

Traveling with Pets to Canada from the U.S. – Tips for Crossing the Border

Traveling with a pet can be a potentially stressful situation. When crossing international borders, the stakes are increased. Here are some tips to make the journey smoother when bringing a pet to Canada from the United States.

Do Your Research

Before taking a pet across the border, make sure both the US and Canadian authorities are aware of your pet and that all of the proper documents and paperwork are in order. The animal must be in compliance with all Canadian border control laws, which can vary between species. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s website is a great place to start when researching travel requirements for your pet.

Identification and Vaccines

Make sure you have all of the necessary documents, such as proof of vaccination and microchip information. The pet must have a valid health certificate, rabies vaccination, and government-issued ID. Older pets may need additional certificates, such as an intranasal Bordetella vaccination.

Prepare for the Trip

Help make the experience as stress-free as possible for your pet before the trip. Provide it with with plenty of food and water for the journey. Pack any medications and/or supplements your pet may need. Double check to make sure all of your documents are in order and easily accessible.

At the US/Canada Border

When crossing the US/Canada border, the inspection process may take a while. Make sure you and your pet are both comfortable while you wait. Canadian border services may ask questions related to the following:

  • The pet’s purpose for entering Canada
  • The length of time in Canada
  • The owner’s length of stay in Canada
  • Proof of residency

Be prepared to answer these and other questions sincerely and honestly.

Keep Calm

Finally, it is important to stay calm throughout the entire process. Canadian border services will not respond positively if they sense citizens or their pets are on edge. The best advice is to remain patient and be as helpful as possible if and when you are approached.

Traveling with a pet is a wonderful experience and taking the time to understand the rules and regulations will make it even more enjoyable. With the right documents and a prepared attitude, crossing the US/Canada border should be a breeze.

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