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What To Do If Your Dog Is Resource Guarding

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What To Do If Your Dog Is Resource Guarding

What To Do If Your Dog Is Resource Guarding

Resource guarding is when your dog exhibits defensive or possessive behavior over a resource such as food, toys or other items. It can be very distressing and worrying if they start exhibiting this behavior, especially if your furry friend has become aggressive out of fear. Luckily, there are several steps you can take to help.

Steps to Follow

  • Remain Calm – If your dog displays aggressive behavior, stay calm and try not to send out any negative energy. Let your dog know you are aware of the situation and will not cause any harm.
  • Remove Any Triggers – If you can identify any triggers that could be causing your dog’s aggression, make sure to remove them. Removing the item that is causing your pup’s possessiveness is easier than trying to retrain them.
  • Replace The Object With Treats – Try substituting the object your dog is guarding with a treat or toy. The trick is to make sure the item you bring is more desirable than the one your pup is guarding.
  • Train & Reward Positive Behavior – Provide positive reinforcement and rewards when your pup displays non-aggressive behavior. Focus on rewarding desirable behaviors to reinforce the idea that being non aggressive is the preferred behavior.
  • Avoid Punishment – It’s important to remember that punishment can make the situation worse. Shouting or any kind of negative reinforcement could reinforce bad behavior and make the aggression worse.

Resource guarding is a natural behavior, and if you follow these steps you can help make your dog more comfortable around their resources. Positive reinforcement and rewards are the best tools to use when trying to address this behavior.

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