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What’s New at Adopt-a-Pet.com in October 2022

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What’s New at Adopt-a-Pet.com in October 2022

What’s New at Adopt-a-Pet.com in October 2022

October marks a wonderful month of the year for animal lovers and those who use Adopt-a-Pet.com to find their furry friends! Adopt-a-Pet.com is a resource offering pet adoptions, pet supplies, resources, and more. There are some new, exciting updates to the website for October of 2022.

New Features

  • Advanced Search Functionality: Adopt-a-Pet.com now includes an advanced searching tool that allows users to quickly and easily find their perfect pet, with more detailed criteria. The advanced search tool includes all sorts of criteria including age, size, breed, and more.
  • New Location Filter: Adopt-a-Pet.com now includes a location filter, allowing users to search for pets within a certain distance of their desired area. This feature is especially helpful for those looking for adopted animals near them.
  • Updated User Interface: The entire Adopt-a-Pet.com user interface has been updated to make the user experience more intuitive and easier to navigate. From updated categorization to improved search results, the website is now more user-friendly than ever before!

New Resources and Programs

Adopt-a-Pet.com is now offering even more resources and programs to help make animal adoption easier and more accessible. Here are a few of the new offerings for October 2022:

  • Foster Program: Adopt-a-Pet.com now offers a foster program that allows people to temporarily care for animals both from their local area and from partner animal shelters around the country. This program allows people to get a feel for their new pet, which can make the transition easier for both the human and the animal.
  • Low Cost Veterinary Care Discounts: Adopt-a-Pet.com has partnered with local veterinarians to offer discounts to adopters, making it easier and more affordable to get your new pet the care they need.
  • Educational Resources: Adopt-a-Pet.com now has an extensive library of resources related to pet care, behavior, and more. This section of the website is designed to provide adopters with the information and resources they need to be a responsible pet owner.

These are just a few of the new features and offerings that Adopt-a-Pet.com has in store for animal lovers and adopters in October 2022. There is something for everyone, from the experienced pet owner to someone about to embark on the journey for the first time. Make sure to visit Adopt-a-Pet.com to see all the new offerings October 2022!

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