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Who Was the First Cloned Cat? All About CC! (With Pictures)

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Who Was the First Cloned Cat? All About CC! (With Pictures)

1. What techniques were used in the cloning of CC the cat?

Who Was the First Cloned Cat? All About CC! (With Pictures)

If you love cats, you must have heard about CC, the world’s first cloned cat! CC, short for CopyCat, was born on 22 December 2001 atTexas A&M University, US.

What’s so special about CC?

CC was the first living animal that was cloned using SCNT (somatic cell nuclear transfer) technique. While other animals like a sheep and a cow had been cloned earlier, this was a significant breakthrough in animal cloning. Not only was she the first, but CC’s cloning was also successful even after multiple attempts.

It was the first time scientists had successfully cloned an animal using its somatic cells.

How was CC cloned?

CC was created from a single cell taken from an adult cat. Scientists extracted her DNA from the parent cell and placed it inside an unfertilised egg that was devoid of its own nucleus.

By doing this, the scientists were essentially creating an embryo that had DNA from the adult cat and could grow into a new animal. The egg was then implanted in the uterus of a surrogate mother cat and CC was born around 8-10 weeks later.

What happened to CC after she was born?

CC’s health was monitored while at the university and she lived a happy life until she passed away in November 2003 due to natural causes.

Her cloning was highly successful and scientists now believe that cloning could be used to preserve endangered species and even bring back certain extinct animals.

Pictures of CC:

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  • width=”200″ height=”200″ alt=”CC looking at the camera”>

So, why was CC so special?

She was the beginning of a revolution! By her successful cloning, scientists proved that animals could be cloned via SCNT, a feat that many deemed impossible. She also showed that cloning could be a valuable tool for fostering endangered species and furthering the study of genetics.

CC truly was, and will remain in history, a miracle cat!

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