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Working Cats: Kitties That Have Important Jobs (With Pictures)

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What kinds of jobs have cats typically held in the past?

Working Cats: Kitties That Have Important Jobs (With Pictures)

We all know cats as our cuddle buddies and adorable pets, but there are a few that have some pretty important jobs. From helping control pest populations to providing emotional therapy, cats can do it all! Here are just a few of the amazing working cats out there and the jobs they do!

1. Public Health Inspector Cats

Pest control cats are well known in retail stores, food establishments, and more, employed to keep the premises pest-free by catching mice and rats. Most commonly employed in Japan, these cats are hired to help keep businesses in compliance with health regulations.

2. Animal Shelter Cats

Not only do these cats provide valuable companionship to shelter volunteers and visitors, but they also provide comfort to their fellow animal pals. These cats help reduce depression and stress in the other animals and with the staff, helping create a peaceful and secure environment for all.

3. Comfort Cats

Cats can make great emotional and mental health therapy companions and there are lots of felines providing therapeutic experience in nursing homes, mental health facilities, and more. Therapy cats give companionship and relief to elderly, disabled, and other patients dealing with a wide range of needs.

4. Service Cats

These cats are often trained to help with tasks such as alerting their owners to a medical emergency and helping to predict seizures or other emergency situations. They can also alert their owners when there’s an incoming sound like a phone call, doorbell, or alarm.

5. Pro Wrestling Cats

Yes, you read that right! These cats, called mongeru in Japan, are trained as pro wrestlers, not just as a fun novelty, but to attract customers to their respective businesses. These cats fight each other (wearing colorful Viking helmets, no less!) for the entertainment of their fans.

As you can see, cats are truly amazing creatures. They have the ability to take on different roles, from pest control to therapy animals, and everything in between. With their help, people can be supported and assisted in all kinds of situations!

Here are some amazing pictures of working cats:

  • Public Health Inspector Cats

  • Animal Shelter Cats

  • Comfort Cats

  • Service Cats

  • Pro Wrestling Cats

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