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Zoom Calls Are So Much Better With Cats — Here’s Why!

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Zoom Calls Are So Much Better With Cats — Here’s Why!

Zoom Calls Are So Much Better With Cats — Here’s Why!

In the modern world of Zoom calls, cats are undoubtedly one of the best things about them. From providing unexpected toilet humor to adding an extra element of camaraderie, cats have become invaluable to Zoom callers. Here’s why cats make videoconferences better:

They Bring Levity

Perhaps the best reason why cats make Zoom calls better is their unique ability to bring a bit of levity and hilarity to the most serious situations. With their hilarious antics and unexpected sounds, cats can turn a monotonous work call into an amusement park.

They Make Video Calls Easier

Cats make video calls easier by providing an extra element of comfort and familiarity. By having a furry friend on the call, we are more likely to let our guard down, joke around, and feel comfortable enough to speak our minds.

They Help Pamper & Unwind

Many of us rely on video calls to stay connected with family and friends, so having a feline friend in the background easily helps to elevate the interaction. Cats offer a calming presence and are usually content to hang out in the background, providing a gentle note of relaxation to any Zoom call.

Bonus Feature: Extra Security

A bonus feature of having a cat on your Zoom call is their incredible ability to act as a sort of security guard. Cats are naturally very observant, and they can use their senses to alert you to any unusual activities or happenings on the call.

All in all, cats make Zoom calls better in many ways. They bring levity, make video calls easier, help pamper and unwind, and offer an extra layer of security. Whether it’s jealously watching you type away or joining you in your conference call, cats are undoubtedly pawsome Zoom companions.

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